Person Capacity


lbs Ballast




Performance Driven

The SE is the largest boat in the Supra line up. Measuring at 24’5″ the SE delivers plenty of room bow to stern, but not one inch was overlooked in design. With standard features you would expect from a luxury car the SE is the benchmark, combining the the worlds of luxury and performance, giving you a high end feel without losing the top tier towboat abilities.


Premium Materals

Supra uses a high quality and durable vinyl that is partnered with UV protection and mildew resistance that will allow your interior to stand the test of time. Combine a stitching technique found in high end luxury automobiles, our hand crafted design, along with our Chill Tech Vinyl that will keep your seats cool in the hot sun, you and your interior will hold up day after day ensuring you will keep that luxury feel.



Enhanced Technology

Power up and stay charged with Supra’s attention to detail. From wireless phone charging, bluetooth audio controls at the swim deck and passenger seat, RGB lighting, heated and powered seats to our FxONE Power Folding Tower that comes standard, your SE will keep every function of you boat at your fingertips. Simplistic design centered around high end technology will elevate your boating experience beyond your expectations.




The SE delivers premium comfort combined with technology, features such as heated/power driver seat and heated observer seat, a premium sound system by JL Audio with bluetooth controls and passenger control screen, steering wheel controls and dual touch screens in our Vision Control center, all give you the comfort and control you expect.



When creating an extraordinary towboat, not just any power plant will do. That’s why your Supra uses the potent Raptor by Indmar 6.2L 16-Valve V8 engine. It provides maximum low-RPM torque with class-leading fuel efficiency and low emissions.










AutoWake® takes the guesswork out of wakes and waves. This patented, industry-exclusive hull management system automatically manipulates the hull position to produce a precise wake or wave — every time. And it does it all without interrupting passengers or distracting the driver. Not only is AutoWake technologically impressive, it’s also an impressive feat of engineering. It’s as simple to operate as it is effective.

An autopilot system for your wakes and waves



Driver focused design with features including:

-Patented Thruster Knob Throttle control

– Vision Control Center

– Integrated Smart Steering wheel

– System Controls Including Swell, AutoWake, & Subfloor ballast



standard on all supra models

The Supra Swell System delivers tall waves with long pockets and optimal push that are consistent on both sides. Perfect for riders who like to transfer from side to side. Together with our game-changing AutoWake, you’re always in a position to throw the ideal wake or wave.

Dual Stern



Supra’s patented Dual Stern Thrusters Throttle Knob Control gives you precise control from a simple twist. Designed for improved maneuverability while docking, trailering or picking up a rider, you’ll have more control on the water than ever before.

Flip up


Create a custom feel with optional flip-up backs on the rear sundeck for added comfort on the back of your Supra.

*Flip-up backs are not to be used while the boat is in motion or running.


Chill Tech Vinyl

Love the look of a sleek dark interior but are worried about the heat? With Chill Tech Vinyl you can get the custom high end interior feel you have always wanted and avoid the seats from heating up in direct sunlight. It’s pretty much magic.



A sleek design and Gator Step non-skid gets from the cabin to the water with ease using our walk-through transom design. Standard on the SE, SL and SA models, it turns loading or prepping to ride into a walk in the park.

Underwater transom lighting

Add stylish function to your SE with a variety of innovative lighting options like underwater transom RGBW, LED docking lights and LED tower docking lights.

Non-skid flooring

With 15 available colorways you can add traction and functional style to your with GatorStep non-skid flooring

In-floor cooler

It’s the small details that matter. Simple idea of keeping your cooler out of the way, but always in reach.


Transom surf storage

There are convenient and useful storage solutions throughout your Supra, including this surf locker located right where you need it in the transom.


Entertainment Controls

Not only does Supra provide seamless driver audio and lighting control through our dual touch screen, but also passenger and swim deck audio controls. The RGB color accent lighting brings countless customization possibilities to your boat.

Subfloor ballast

SA comes standard with 3,500lbs of Subfloor Ballast. Create the optimal wake without sacrificing storage and function.

Length: 24′5″
Length with Platform: 26’7″
Length On Trailer: 29’5″
Height On Trailer: 11′8″ (Tower Up)
Height On Trailer: 8′3″ (Tower Down w/Racks off)
Seating: 18 People
Width: 102″
Trailer Width: 98"
Fuel Capacity: 83 Gals
Standard Ballast: 4,100 lbs
Boat Weight: 6,150 lbs
Weight Capacity: 2,800 lbs
Weight With Trailer: 7,550 lbs
Engine Options: 450 // 575