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An autopilot system for your wakes and waves




AutoWake® takes the guesswork out of wakes and waves. This patented, industry-exclusive hull management system automatically manipulates the hull position to produce a precise wake or wave — every time. And it does it all without interrupting passengers or distracting the driver. Not only is AutoWake technologically impressive, it’s also an impressive feat of engineering. It’s as simple to operate as it is effective.


AutoWake is the premier wakeboard and surf control system. Period. It’s industry-leading technology and performance is often imitated but never recreated. Don’t settle for anything but the original. Unless, of course, you’re willing to accept less performance.


This innovative hull management system is unique to Supra, and for good reason: It’s ground-breaking advancements are protected by numerous software and hardware patents.


Maintaining hull position relative to the many variables on the water is no simple task. Only AutoWake measures and manages ballast automatically with the simple push of a button, and in real-time.

*The AutoWake patented technology is covered by U.S. Patent Nos. 88,798,825; 9,689,395; 9,828,075; 9,873,491; 10,093,398; 10,414,470 and other patents pending. See more at


how it works

Only Supra’s wakesurf system uses four patented, advanced sensors to continuously ensure the hull position maintains optimal pitch, roll and draft. And as it moves, it adjusts the ballast accordingly.


The pitch of your boat affects the shape of your wake or wave. Too much pitch and you’ll get a tall wave that dies quickly. Too little and you’ll get a long wave with little push. AutoWake adjusts your boat’s pitch in real-time.


Surfing a great wave requires a slight roll to your towboat while an ideal wake requires your boat to be perfectly level. Small changes in the roll of your boat can be the difference between a crisp wave and a mushy one.


The deeper your boat sits in the water, the more water it can displace behind it to create bigger wakes and waves. From people to ballast, all weight contributes to your towboat’s displacement.


Predictive state

With AutoWake’s Predictive State feature, your boat will fill ballast to reach the needed pitch, roll, and water displacement before the boat even leaves the dock.

Rider Profiles

As the driver, you no longer have to manually adjust your boat every time riders switch out. Just hit the rider's preferred setting on your Supra, and it will take care of it.

Autowake leveling

Supra’s autoleveling feature independently adjusts each Swell Surf Plate as needed until the boat is level—no matter whether you are cruising or heading back to the dock.

Surf Smarter

Do you and your riders like surfing from side to side? The Supra Swell System delivers tall waves with long pockets and ideal push that’s consistent on both sides.