We do not measure the success of Supra Boats against anyone but ourselves. We are not concerned with being a bit better than the next wake boat manufacturer. Our goal is to continually improve the boats. From interior and exterior design to ride, wakes and handling performance to the team that puts it all together, Supra boats are beyond better. Buzz Brand of the Year, seven consecutive Excellence in Customer Service Awards and an Innovation Award say a lot. But we are focused beyond recognition on a path toward refinement. There is no finish line in our minds. We are continually pushing for beyond better results and there is no better example of that drive than the new 2015 Supra Boats model line.

Being Beyond Better


"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."

Henry Ford


“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.”

Jerry Rice (#1 NFL Player Of All Time)


"If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it."

Ronnie Lott


"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra."

Jimmy Johnson


"Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out."

Robert Collier


"Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there. ."

Bo Jackson


"A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts."

Richard Branson


"You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy. "

Arthur Ashe


“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

Fred Devito (US #1 Yoga Instructor)


“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” ”Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.”

Babe Ruth (Arguably The Best MLB Player Of All Time)


“Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.”

Wayne Gretzky (Former NHL Champion Player & Head Coach)



Base Boat & Trailer
  • 121,600 Supra SC

  • 125,200 Supra SA

  • 137,600 Supra SE
Worlds Edition
  • $13,271 Worlds Edition, Yellow (Includes: Worlds Yellow Gel Scheme w/SS Rubrail, New Worlds & One Peice Sponsors Decal, Z5 Cargo Bimini, Top Horn & Side Spin Tower Speakers, Dual Battery, Roswell L6 Underwater Lights,  Worlds Tandem Trailer w/18″ Wheels & Spare, Two Tone Fenders, Illuminated Laser-Cut Step, Surface Mount Lighting w/Alum. Step Plates & Transom LED’s, Transom Step & Transom Trailer Straps)
  • $13,271 Worlds Edition, White (Includes: Worlds White Gel Scheme w/SS Rubrail, New Worlds & One Peice Sponsors Decal, Z5 Cargo Bimini, Top Horn & Side Spin Tower Speakers, Dual Battery, Roswell L6 Underwater Lights,  Worlds Tandem Trailer w/18″ Wheels & Spare, Two Tone Fenders, Illuminated Laser-Cut Step, Surface Mount Lighting w/Alum. Step Plates & Transom LED’s, Transom Step & Transom Trailer Straps)
  • Standard Gelcoat Deck Colour (Choose 1 of 13 Solid Colours)
  • Standard Gelcoat Forward Accent Colour (Choose 1 of 13 Solid Colours)
  • Standard Gelcoat Upper Accent Colour (Choose 1 of 13 Solid Colours)
  • Standard Gelcoat Main Colour (Choose 1 of 13 Solid Colours)
  • Standard Gelcoat Lower Accent Colour (Choose 1 of 13 Solid Colours)
  • Standard Gelcoat Hull Colour (Choose 1 of 13 Solid Colours)

  • $1,313 Custom Gelcoat Pattern (Different Colour for H1, H2, H3, H4, D1, D2)
  • $886 Metal Flake Upper Accent (Choose 1 of 7 Metal Flake Colours)
  • $886 Metal Flake Main Panel (Choose 1 of 7 Metal Flake Colours)
  • $886 Metal Flake Lower Accent (Choose 1 of 7 Metal Flake Colours)
  • Standard Supra Chrome, Verge, or Blacked-Out Decal (Choose 1)

  • $1,351 Background Graphic – Force Graphic
  • Standard Stainless Rubrail w/ White or Black Rubber
  • Standard Stain Resistant Tenara Thread Upholstery Stitching
  • Standard Vinyl Base Colour (Choose 1 of 3 Colours)
  • Standard Vinyl Main & Rail Colour (Choose 1 of 4 Colours)
  • Standard Vinyl Back Colour (Choose 1 of 4 Colours)
  • Standard Vinyl Accent Colour (Choose 1 of 8 Colours)
  • Standard Upholstery Welt (Pin Stripe) Colour (Choose 1 of 12 Colours)
  • Standard Upholstery Insert Panel Colour (Black)
  • Standard Bow Rider Cushion
  • Standard Walk-thru Screen – Supra Slide-In

  • $386 Upholstery Insert Panel Colour (Choose 1 of 8 Colours)
  • $717 Gap Seat for Observer (Walk Thru Bow Seat)
  • Standard Ford Raptor 400 HP – 6.2L Engine by Indmar

  • $6,990 Ford Raptor 440 HP – 6.2L Engine by Indmar
  • $18,750 Ford Raptor 575 HP – 6.2L Super-Charged Engine by Indmar
Engine Accessories
  • Standard Salt Water Closed Cooling System
  • Standard Water Cooled Dripless Shaft Seal
  • Standard Full Engine Diagnostic with Code Description Display Screen
  • Standard Three (3) Year Transferable Engine Warranty
  • Standard Bilge Blower & Automatic Bilge Pump
  • Standard Engine Water Strainer (Weed Trap)

  • $198 Engine Flush Kit
  • $436 Stainless Turn-Down Exhaust Tips (Set of 2)
  • $578 Automatic Fire Suppression System
  • Standard Nibral, 14.5 x 14.25 4-Blade – Acme 1235

  • $86 Prop Change to: CNC, 14.5 x 13.75 4-Blade (Acme 1615) – Wake 400, 450
Battery System
  • Standard Single Battery System w/Isolation Switch

  • $694 Dual Battery System Upgrade
Interior Features
  • Standard Stainless Steel Cup Holders
  • Standard Stainless Steel Interior & Bow Rails
  • Standard Supra Removable Soft-Sided Cooler w/Logo
  • Standard Supra  Removable Hard-Sided Cooler (SE)

  • $1,394 Interior Heater (2 Outlet)
  • Standard Carpet Base (Seat Walls) – Midnight Star or Sterling Star (Choose 1)
  • Standard Snap-In Carpet, Midnight Star or Sterling Grey (Choose 1)

  • $1,560 Snap-In Carpet, Supra Logo Design, Upgrade
  • $623 Snap-In Carpet, Kono Liner, Upgrade
Driver’s Consol
  • Standard Swivel Driver’s Seat w/Bolster Seat
  • Standard Heated Driver’s Seat (Temperature Programmable on Supra VISION Touch)
  • Standard Driver’s Seat Elevation System (Height Programmable on Supra VISION Touch)
  • Standard Supra VISION Touch (Video Information System with Integrated Onboard Network)
  • Standard Bluetooth iPod & iPhone Integration: w/Camera, Video, Internet & Music Video Modes
  • Standard Supra V.I.S.I.O.N Day & Night Viewing Mode
  • Standard CNC Bezel Dash
  • Standard Full Instrumentation: Tach, Fuel, Oil, Temp, Volt, Hour

  • $736 Australian Navionics Card
  • $245 PTMEdge VR-140 Mirror Upgrade w/Arm, Black
Cruise Control, Wakeplate, Supra Swell & Ballast
  • Standard GPS Satelite Cruise Control (Speed Programmable on Supra VISION Touch)
  • Standard 3 Position Ballast System (Hard Tank Weight Programmable on Supra VISION Touch)
  • Standard Liquid Flex 3 Position Ballast System Add-On
  • Standard Multisport Smart Plate (Programmable Wake Shaping Plate on Supra VISION Touch)

  • $3,606 Supra Swell Surf System (Programmable Surf Wakes on Supra VISION Touch)
  • Standard AM/FM/CD w/Driver’s Side LCD Remote, iPod Contol, USB & AUX Inputs
  • Standard True iPod, iPhone Interface with Dedicated Multimedia Page on Supra VISION Touch
  • Standard Speed-Based Stereo Volume Control (Programmable on Supra VISION Touch)
  • Standard 4 Channel Amp for Main Cockpit Area
  • Standard 4 Cockpit & 2 Bow Polk Speakers (Polk Audio)

  • $1,680 Subwoofer & 5 Channel Amp & Enclosure
  • $436 LCD Display Remote (Transom Location)
  • Standard Supra Pro-Edge Tower
  • Standard Black Tower Bases w/Brushed Arms

  • $868 Tower Contrast Base Colours (Choose 1 of 12 Colours) – (Black available w/Z5 Bimini)
Tower Speakers
  • $3,887 Tower Speakers w/Zone Control, 2 Top Spin, 2 Side Spin
  • $4,363 Tower Speakers w/Zone Control, 2 Top Horn, 2 Side Spin
Board Racks
  • Standard Supra Pro-Edge Swivel Wakeboard Racks (set of 2) (Lower Racks)

  • $1,858 Swivel PTMEdge Board Rack Upgrade w/ Clamping Forks (Lower Racks)
  • $1,418 Upper Pro-Edge Fixed Board Racks (set of 2)
  • $3,141 Upper PTMEdge Fixed Board Racks w/ Clamping Forks (set of 2)
Bimini Shade Tops
  • Standard Standard Bimini – Includes Bimini Sock

  • $3,455 Z5 Cargo Bimini w/ Storage Racks & Mobile Phone Holder: Upgrade
Boat Covers
  • $1,638 Pro Edge Boat Cover w/Provision For Tower: Charcoal (Tightens under Rubrail)
  • $357 Bow Cover with Press Studs: Black
  • $1,665 Pro-Edge Bow & Cockpit Cover with Press Studs w/ Provision For Tower: Black
Boat Exterior
  • Standard Inland Navigation Lighting
  • Standard Removable Fibreglass Surf Platform
  • Standard Transom Walk Over Entry Platform
  • Standard Pull Up Cleats (4 Cleats)

  • $236 Non Skid Upgrade, Bow Deck
  • $731 Transom Underwater Lighting, Roswell L6 Stainless
  • $1,283 Transom Underwater Lighting, Roswell Pro 3″ Machined
  • $782 Transom Underwater Lighting (Worlds Package Upgrade from L6 to 3″)
  • $578 LED Taper Docking Lights (SA & SC)
  • $868 LED Bar Docking Lights (SE)
  • $415 Salt Water Anodes
  • $252 Step-Up Swim Platform Ladder
  • Standard BoatMate Tandem Axle Trailer (ADR Compliant & Under 2.5m Wide) 
  • Standard Brakerite Electric over Hydraulic 4 Wheel Disc Brakes 
  • Standard Independent Torsion Axle Suspension 
  • Standard Swingaway Trailer Tongue 
  • Standard Fulton ‘F2′ Jockey Wheel & Fulton Winch 
  • Standard Removable Guide Poles (Poles Only)
Trailer Frame
  • Standard – Painted Trailer Frame
  • Standard – Independent Torsion Axle Suspension Upgrade

  • $1,580 Galvanised Trailer Frame (Not Painted)
  • $2,193 Paint Black over Galvanised Trailer Frame
Trailer Fenders & Step Pads
  • Standard Painted Fenders & Step Pads (Same Colour as Frame)
  • Standard Rubber Step Pad Non-Skids

  • $772 Two Toned Painted Fenders & Step Pads (Choose 1 of 13 Colours)
  • $1,454 Two Toned Painted Metal Flake Fenders & Step Pads (Choose 1 of 7 Colours)
  • $1,050 Polished Stainless Steel Fenders Upgrade
  • $357 Aluminium Step Pad Plates Upgrade
  • $630 Transom Step
Trailer Wheels
  • Standard 14″ Aluminium Rims (4 Wheels) w/Volt Oiled Filled Bearings
  • Standard Rear Trailer Wheels (Steel)

  • $2,880 18″ Premium Aluminum Rims Upgrade (4 Wheels) w/Painted Guards
  • $3,753 18″ Premium Aluminum Rims Upgrade (4 Wheels) w/ 11″ Fat Polished Stainless Guards
  • $595 Spare Tyre: 14″ Aluminium Rim (1 Wheel)
  • $975 Spare Tyre: 18″ Premium Aluminum Rim (1 Wheel)
Trailer Lighting
  • Standard LED Driving, Tail, Brake & Indicator Light

  • $331 Illuminated Laser-Cut Step
  • $357 Surface Mount Lighting w/ Clear LEDS
  • $644 Runway LED Lighting (Choose 1 of 4 Colours)
Trailer Misc
  • $198 Boat Buddy Automatic Loading Hitch
  • $697 Bow Step Ladder w/Tongue Step Pad, 3 Step
  • $198 Stainless Retractable Transom Trailer Straps
  • $95 Supra Guide Pole Covers (2 Covers)
Boat Safety Equipment
  • Standard – Fire Extinguisher

  • $347 1 Bailing Scoop, 2 Paddles, 6 Adult PDF Type-1 Lifejackets, 1 Torch, 1 Anchor w/Rope
  • $32 Additional PDF – Type 1 LifeJackets (QTY 1) (Adult 40kg & Over)
  • $32 Additional PDF – Type 1 LifeJackets (QTY 1) (Child Junior 25-40kg)
  • Standard – Owner Pays for Boat & Trailer Registrations

  • $110 Trailer Weighbridge Certificate (Only)
  • $196 NSW Trailer Blue Slip (Includes Weighbridge Certificate)
  • $228 Non Registered 1 Way Trailer Travel Permit

  • $725 1 year Standard Boat & Trailer Registrations (Only available in Delivery Address State)
Delivery Address
  • Standard – Ride Australia Pty Ltd, 245 Princes Highway, South Nowra, NSW, Australia 2541

  • $2,730 Change Delivery Address to Brisbane, Queensland
  • TBA Change Delivery Address to Darwin, Northern Territory
  • $1,590 Change Delivery Address to Echuca, Victoria
  • $1,735 Change Delivery Address to Melbourne, Victoria
  • $3,015 Change Delivery Address to Murray Bridge, South Australia
  • $855 Change Delivery Address to Orange, New South Wales
  • TBA Change Delivery Address to Perth, Western Australia
  • $1,455 Change Delivery Address to Shepparton, Victoria
  • $420 Change Delivery Address to Sydney, New South Wales
  • $960 Change Delivery Address to Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

  • $395 Shrink Wrap Transport Cover (Included in Change Delivery Address $)
Important Information

Supra Boats are manufactured by Skier’s Choice Inc in Maryville, Tennessee USA or in Australia by Ride Australia under license from Skier’s Choice. Moomba Boats are distributed in Australia by Ride Australia.

Ride Australia may changes prices and options at any time without incurring liabilities. Moomba boat and trailer dimensions and weights are estimates only and vary depending on chosen options. Boats over 2.5m wide incur towing restrictions

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